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Helloz ... Ya loz

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Me ...

My Chat room My name is Tarek Amr . I live in Egypt , It's a very nice country , In summer it's hot , but the weather is great in the winter , bla bla bla ...
I'm in Cairo University ,faculty of engineering (communication and electronics dept.)
I speak english , and spanish (castillano) ... and some french .
I like programming . C++ , V.Basic ... but I'm not that html expert (see my page)
I spend a lot of time drawing (cartoons) , and I also like listening to the music.
I like football , and I'm a Zamalek Fan . I go to Nady El-seid (shooting club) , I spend my time there playing fooyball , tennis and jogging with my friends ... and sometimes we go to the gym .
I have a lot of friends .... I'll put here links to their home pages
What else shall I say ....
Yeah ... I was born in 29 feb.1980 , so my birthday comes only once every four years ... that could be something very special , but on the other hand I recieve few presents :(
Hey ... after that introduction I hope you all like my home page :o)

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