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Free e-mails

AltavistaiIt's a realy cool site , and not as slow as hotmail .
MasrawyIf you are masrawy (egyptian) here's another one .
YahooI have my e-mail there ... it's fine.
CiudadSi tu hablas castellano , este sito es bueno.


Mpx-Heaven It's a great site .
AudiofindIt's my best one ... and they've added a new searching engine.
NapsterThey are going to remove all the un-copyrighted songs soon .
DemnaYou must see this one .
MazikaIt's fine , but the update is very slow here .

Free Softwares

SoftseekWell categorized freewares and sharewares , It's my favourite one.
Downloadanother fine site
ICQThe best internet chatting programme , just go there and ask for Noise.
WinAmpDownload it for free , ann listen to any mp3.
BeseenThe best source for site add-on's
Lycos free sites addonsGet free addons for your site . I gonna get a guest book , counter and ....


Data Structures tutorialIt's the best , 'coz I'm the one who wrote it !!
Web MonkeyHere where you can learn HTML
Hacking This one is really nice for beginners .
W3 SchoolsToday's joke ... How can I spell HTML ??


YahooAre you searching for something ?
TripodIt's where I'm putting this home page , how can't I mension it !!
Zonai.comOnline Games , BUT THIS SITE IS IN SPANISH !!
InformITFree books online (programming books)